Sea Point

What is Sea Point

A Container Transshipment Terminal Port

The continued fast growth rate of the major U.S. container ports, particularly those of Los Angeles (LA) and Long Beach (LB) handling as much as 41% of the total U.S. imported container trade, is reaching a critical stage creating major capacity issues at these ports and clogging the inland goods movement infrastructure. Sea Point, LLC ("Sea Point" or the "Company"), a Louisiana limited liability corporation, has identified this issue and is developing a a container transshipment terminal port (the "Project") located at mile 12 of the Mississippi River at Venice, Louisiana.

The Project will provide an efficient and economic alternative to using West Coast Ports to serve Middle America's consumption and production centers. The total market targeted by Sea Point is around 55 million customers and production capacity. Sea Point's solutions and services involve delivery by rail (direct rail service to all U.S. and most Canadian intermodal ramps without interchanges), truck, and all water Container on Barge (COB) maximizing options and minimizing costs. Based on the extensive market analysis and studies encapsulated in a traffic and revenue report authored by Halcrow Inc., Sea Point development offers a low cost and logical alternative to existing ports that will translate into a profitable and commercially viable business enterprise over the long term.

Design Capacity of the Port Facility

The design capacity of the Port facility is 912,000 TEUs (twenty foot equivalent units), to be reached in the year 2013. The Project is planned to be commissioned in 2009, and its construction costs are estimated by Sea Point's technical advisor at around $200 million. All the environmental permits required for the development, construction and operation of the Project have been acquired by Sea Point.